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At L&R Carpets and Flooring, our commitment to excellence is evident in every commercial flooring project we undertake. Our extensive selection of high-quality flooring is designed to cater to the unique demands of businesses, ensuring a perfect fit for every company’s brand and operational needs.

Before installation, our expert team conducts a thorough site evaluation to ensure every aspect of your commercial space is considered for a seamless fit and enduring functionality. Our dedication to detail has made us a trusted name in Oxfordshire’s business community.

Our commercial flooring options are versatile, with the capability to enhance any business environment, whether you prefer the professional look of sleek vinyl or the warm ambience of luxury carpet tiles. Embrace a partnership with L&R Carpets and Flooring for a commercial space that’s not just functional but also a reflection of your business’s quality and ethos.

Exceptional Floors for Oxfordshire Workspaces


Can L & R Carpets and Flooring fit commercial flooring over my business's existing floor?

Yes, our team can often install new commercial flooring directly over your existing surface. It's best to discuss your specific project one of our experts for tailored advice.

What options do I have for commercial flooring materials?

We offer a diverse range of commercial flooring options, including durable vinyl, luxury carpet tiles, Karndean and laminate, all suited to various business environments in Oxfordshire.

What's the expected timeframe for a commercial flooring installation?

The installation timeline varies depending on the flooring type and the area's size. For commercial spaces, we strive to minimise disruption and complete installations efficiently.

How do I select the appropriate commercial flooring for my Oxfordshire business?
Consider the daily traffic, the nature of your business, and aesthetic impact. Our team can help you match these factors with the ideal flooring solution.
How should I maintain my business's flooring after installation?
Regular cleaning tailored to the flooring type is essential. We'll provide you with maintenance tips specific to the commercial flooring you choose to ensure longevity and appearance.

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We believe in a tailored approach, taking the time to understand your business environment to ensure the perfect fit. Our commitment to this personalised service has made us a favourite among Oxfordshire businesses.

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